Salmon Nation Ecotrust

Welcome home

Welcome to Salmon Nation, a community of caretakers and citizens that stretches across arbitrary boundaries and bridges urban-rural divides. We bring new meaning to the word cooperative — with unusual alliances of tribes, fishermen, farmers, ranchers, loggers, and urban-dwellers working together to improve our neighborhoods and watersheds. 

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Fun in Salmonlands today:
Planted tomatoes, plowed a neighbor's driveway, chopped firewood, fixed my bike, took my own bags shopping, supported local businesses, hiked along the ridge, asked a stranger for directions, soaked in a hot springs, learned about Celilo Falls, got together with friends, made a big dinner, went out for micro-brews, uploaded a video, listened to the rain, appreciated clean drinking water, laughed out loud.

Poke around. There are an endless number of ways to participate.