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About Salmon Nation

What is Salmon Nation?

Salmon Nation, a place
Outlined both by its coastline and by the rivers that reach deep into its lands, Salmon Nation's geographical boundaries are simply defined: anywhere Pacific salmon have ever run.

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Salmon Nation, a state of mind
Welcome to a community of caretakers and citizens, a community that stretches across arbitrary boundaries and bridges urban-rural divides. We bring new meaning to the word cooperative — with unusual alliances of tribes, fishermen, farmers, ranchers, loggers, and urban-dwellers working together to improve our neighborhoods and watersheds.

Salmon Nation, a gift
The prosperity of Salmon Nation is based on mutual interest, rather than special interests. It's an economy that nourishes our human spirit and conserves our natural wealth. We want Salmon Nation to be as rich for our grandchildren as it's been for us.

Salmon Nation, an invitation
We hope you'll join us to help build an economically thriving, ecologically diverse, and socially equitable home for the many people and species that live here.